Practice Areas

From representing the interests of major corporations to assisting in the development of entrepreneurial companies, Goldberg, Godles, Wiener & Wright LLP (“G2W2”) offers its clients a wide array of services and skills, including the following:

  • the filing of applications and petitions at the Federal Communications Commission
  • participation in FCC proceedings
  • representation of clients’ interests before the legislative and executive branches
  • advice regarding telecommunications business ventures
  • the negotiation of complex transactions
  • international trade in communications good and services
  • appellate advocacy

In addition to the firm’s traditional FCC practice in both the broadcast and common carrier fields, G2W2 has notable experience with cutting-edge wireless, satellite, and radio spectrum issues and has assisted computer companies and electric utilities in participating in the telecommunications industry.  The firm is further distinguished by its understanding of the interplay between the regulatory environment and the high technology, fast-changing business of telecommunications and newer IP-based communications technologies.  This expertise allows the firm to craft innovative and creative solutions to the diverse issues facing its many clients.  These clients include:

  • U.S. and international satellite companies
  • owners of satellite capacity and earth stations
  • mobile communications companies
  • domestic and international telecommunications carriers
  • IoT companies
  • providers of information services, including VoIP and Internet video providers
  • commercial and non-commercial broadcasters
  • cable television programming networks
  • public and private utilities
  • computer and other equipment manufacturers
  • medical products companies
  • software companies
  • banks and other financial institutions
  • major universities